Calgary Girls First Car – Doug Adams

Calgary girls first car – Doug Adams

Burlington, Ontario

As a baby boomer, I was in my early teens when both of my “much” older brothers started buying cars.

One went with British sports cars, the first being an early 1960s Austin Healey, (Frog-Eyed if British, Bug-Eyed if North American), Sprite.

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Memories And Thiel Transport – Hub And Bev Thiel

Memories and Thiel Transport – Hub and Bev Thiel

ZURICH, ON – When an individual’s dream is to build and restore an antique vehicle, they are, in fact, bringing back a part of history. This story is narrated in two chapters. The first is the legacy of a woman, whose name is Alive Thiel. The second is Bev and Hub Thiel’s two year project to build a 1930 Chev truck. This is in honour of Hub Thiel’s Aunt Alive (also his godmother) and a business formerly known as Thiel Transport in Zurich, Ontario.

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The Golden Age Of Pontiac Woodies – Wide Open Throttle – Patrick Smith

The Golden Age of Pontiac Woodies – Wide Open Throttle – Patrick Smith

Woodies came from the beginning of the auto era when train station depot hacks were used to cart luggage around from the station to people’s hotels. Later on the hack was enlarged and made into a useful carrier for commerce. Groceries, farms, produce vendors used them to carry their wares. At one point, the hack became fully enclosed and a proper station wagon complete with windows, doors, glass. At that point, the station wagon went from basic transporter to a status symbol.

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Turning 40 – Auto-wa Biography – Keith Boardman

Turning 40 – Auto-wa Biography – Keith Boardman

Turning 40 is a major milestone, one that your author celebrated a couple of weeks ago. It seems like only yesterday that I turned 30, and my twentieth birthday doesn’t even seem like it was that long ago, but my tenth birthday feels like a distant memory at this point. Yes, it’s only a number, and I personally can’t see why there is such a big fuss about it.

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There Is Gold Under That Rust – Neil Graham

There is Gold Under that Rust – Neil Graham

“When you have a dream, don’t let it slip away from you. Just go and chase your dream and make it become reality.”

Jeremy Cassidy May 2, 2018. Part of a school project.

When Jeremy was about 12 he found his dream vehicle. He would see it every time he had a trip for treatments. Jeremy shared his dream with his Dad, Tim, who made many attempts to contact the owner and endeavour to buy it. Finally they connected. Tim explained the situation to Roger the owner and made a deal. Jeremy fronted the cash and he was the proud owner of a very tired 1954 Chev stepside, 5 window pickup.

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